Where Does Prevention Happen?

You're probably sensing a theme here...Prevention can happen ANYWHERE!

  • Formalized prevention programs may happen in schools and your community coalition is a hub for prevention-focused efforts.
  • Prevention may happen at the state house, when community members go to advocate for certain policies or laws that will increase funding for prevention efforts, decrease the likelihood of sale of alcohol or tobacco to minors, strengthen traffic safety laws and more.
  • Prevention may happen at community meetings or forums; for example, filmmaker Bess O'Brien toured the state with her film "The Hungry Heart" in an effort to raise awareness of the opiate crisis in Vermont and generate conversation about how to help.
  • Prevention can happen behind closed doors in homes where parents and caregivers have important conversations with their youth--not just about alcohol and drugs and the use of or abstinence from them--but about all kinds of topics that indirectly relate to substance use--relationships, boundaries, health, identity and more.