Who should “do” prevention?

Short answer: everyone. Parents and caregivers may be especially interested in learning about prevention since many people use for the first time as youth, and this becomes especially problematic given that their brains are still developing.

Who benefits from or “gets” prevention services? Short answer: everyone

Again, prevention puts a lot of emphasis on youth but the practices benefit anyone. Some people begin to misuse substances in later years and can have many of the same vulnerabilities as youth.

Prevention advocates believe, along with many others, that the health of an individual is inseparable from the health of the community. More and more, drug and alcohol abuse issues are seen as inextricable from other problems like poverty, physical health, abuse and neglect, and environmental conservation. Over the years, we have learned that viewing drug and alcohol misuse as an individual problem that is somehow due to a personality or character flaw is harmful to everyone.. When anyone gets help staying healthy, we all benefit in some way.

 Your local community coalition is an excellent source for prevention activities, and many targeted prevention programs often take place in schools.